Spoon University debuts its first square on Painted Street

Painted Street debuted campus’s newest group this past Friday when Spoon University painted its first square. April of last academic year, Spoon University created a chapter here at Drake. November of this academic year, Drake officially deemed Spoon University an official group, opening plenty of new doors for its members, including the painting of their square.

“So, what is Spoon University anyway?” Alexandria Peake said.

According to Beth LeValley, Spoon University is an online national publication which writes all about food. LeValley compared Spoon University to a Greek organization and The Odyssey, where it has national headquarters where full-time employees work, and on each campus has a different chapter.

Although Spoon’s history on campus has been a very short one, members continue to do their best to strengthen their chapter and make themselves known here at Drake. LeValley recalls the difficulties the group experienced last year as a “really big challenge.”

“We had to publish nine articles within two weeks, and we had a group of maybe seven people, and two of those people were writers,” she said. “It was basically all on me and one other person to write nine articles in two weeks, when I didn’t know what I was doing.”

This year, Drake’s Spoon chapter consists of 10 writers, two photographers, a video contributor, and a leadership team consisting of a social media manager, community manager, editorial director, and next year they will be adding a photography director. All current members of Drake’s chapter can be found here.

“The leadership team alone has changed four different times in the past year, so it’s been really hard to stay consistent with what we want to do,” LeValley said. “Knowing that we kind of have our poop in a group is really rewarding in itself.”

LeValley enjoys watching her chapter grow and fuel their passion for food. She believes because of culture, food is a universal attachment for all people, and it is rewarding for people of all backgrounds to contribute to the Spoon community.

“We’re getting better, we have more followers on our social media sites, which is good, but it’s definitely not where I want it to be,” LeValley said. “I want to say ‘Spoon’ and have people know what it is, which is kind of sad to say.”

As for Spoon’s first square on Painted Street, members are extremely excited to have a physical representation of their place on campus.

“Everything is so new, and we’ve had so many transition periods, it’s like this semester has finally come together and we’re finally starting to get organized and find our voice,” LeValley said. “Having a square on Painted Street will solidify all that work that we’ve done the past year, and really clarify that we are an organization, we do produce content, and we can finally be known on campus, which is what our final goal is.”