Beaverdale: A City Symphony

The Beaverdale Neighborhood is known for its traditional-style brick homes, family-friendly atmosphere, and access to recreational activities such as parks and trails. Historically, Beaverdale was originally considered the rural side of Des Moines as it consisted of farms and orchards. Beaver Avenue, the main street that runs through the neighborhood originated as a stagecoach highway

First-Year Map at Drake University: Mobile Site Prototype

Interactive Prototype Navigate my prototype below: PROBLEM: Project Specifications: Applying what I have learned about HTML/CSS, web fonts, colors, and images, I had to create and code a solution to this problem that will be used by first-year students in my major. This tasked me with looking back on my first year experience at

Claire Nakazawa with Percie

Service Dogs in a Sea of Posers

  Unlike most college students, Claire Nakazawa is an Instagram (@service.angel.percie) super-star. The reason behind all her social media success: her service dog, Percie. Also unlike most college students, Nakazawa requires her service dog in order to live independently. Nakazawa’s mode of independence is challenged every day by the possibility that she will be barred

Life Update

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written to you guys, so here goes. Life has been incredibly difficult for me recently, and I’m currently juggling all my responsibilities and trying to stay as sane as I can possible be. But I can only be so calm, when juggling is something I’m not so