I feel like no one is as lucky as me to work the job I do. Every day contains immense amounts of fun. One day I’ll be going with a group hiking and writing poetry about nature, filming the whole adventure. Another day I’ll be exploring underwater with a camera in nothing to worry about other than possibly kicking my coworkers with my giant flippers.
Last Friday, Dillon filmed this video of us, Summer & Ian swimming at the Minerva Dam, as our first underwater photography experience together, as well as my first time doing any kind of underwater photography:


But that wasn’t the end to our fun. Saturday afternoon I woke up with the plan to explore around town, go thrift shopping, visit the farmer’s market, just have a real nice day to myself. But what did us interns do instead? We went to the boss’s house, and took his pontoon out for the afternoon! And Dillon filmed this as well:


Then to bring the weekend to a close, on Sunday Beca, Sarah, Dillon and I went hiking again, but this time we went to a place that was guaranteed to give us a much better time: Interstate State Park. And of course, being the M.V.P. that he is, Dillon filmed this adventure as well:



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