So for the longest time now (basically the whole time I’ve been working here at Passage) I’ve been working on the Artist In Residence: Cait Irwin video. Before I was really laid back about finishing it, and it wasn’t a huge deal, but now, the deadline is coming up! I have been working on this project more than any other project I have been called upon for so far. Mainly because it is such a huge priority to my boss, Ian.
We’re going through a dilemma now with the video, trying to deal with whether or not to include drone footage, whether or not to use Ian (his voice & his image) to kind of narrate or “show off” the program… I came into work early today to work on this project. The plan was to interview Ian because he wasn’t satisfied with his first interview, but instead we ended up going through the unfinished video with Mark as well, who definitely soothed all of our stresses about what the video is so far. I got tons of notes to work through and make edits to the video with, which is more than I’ve ever gotten in the five weeks I’ve been here working on this.
I’m really proud of my video. I’m really proud how it’s evolved, from just being an interview with Cait Irwin talking about her role at the cabin, to being about how Passage has achieved this, and how much work they’ve done to show everyone how amazing this program is. It’s evolved from being bland, to being mouth-watering so-to-speak. I’m really proud, and I’m not at all insecure that I’m not only using my own footage, but also using footage from my coworker/supervisor, Ben Treichel, who has been a huge help through all of this.
The reception for Cait Irwin and ultimately the showing of the video is this Friday, however, I won’t be able to attend because I had already made plans to leave immediately after work to drive with my siblings to my grandparent’s cabin for the Fourth of July. But I’m sure it will be fantastic, and everyone will have loads of fun at the reception.

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