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Internship Updates

So as of today I have less than two weeks left in my internship. Today I’m at the gallery working on editing videos and and getting them out on the NWP YouTube and Facebook. So far I’ve gotten a lot out today, including two motion poems that the kids at Prairieview have been working very hard on, here’s one of those:

If you want to see the rest of what I’ve been working on, you can find those things on the NWP LTD tab of this website.

A lot of deadlines are approaching as I finish up my summer here. I have to make sure all the work I’ve started gets finished and turned into the Gallery so that it can be archived in case it gets lost. I’m trying to set up a good example for future film interns, create sort of guidelines and templates for the videos to come to that all the videos stay uniform and cohesive as time passes.

Along with that, I also have to make sure what I don’t get done I’m passing along to other people to hopefully finish in their own spare time. For example I’ve been tasked to complete a “Elevator Pitch” video, but I’m not going to have time to film, edit, and publish that so I passed it off to Dillon, who hopefully doesn’t feel overwhelmed by that task.

There’s just so many things for me to do. I’m finally getting down to the last of my “TO DO LIST” I started at the beginning of the summer, back in May, and have just continuously building on and checking off what I’ve completed as time went on. It’s just crazy to see how many tasks I’ve completed since I started (if they’re highlighted all the way to the right they are completed tasks):

Weekend Trip: Willow State Park


This was really fun. The car ride up was really miserable though, in between getting car sick an hour into the two hour drive (that was meant to be an hour and a half) and dealing with the lack of air conditioning on the way up to Minnesota. But when we finally got to Willow River Falls, all the uncomfortable things I fought through on the car ride were flushed away (almost literally) by the falls. It was a really beautiful place, the photo I took doesn’t do the place justice. I can only imagine how refreshing it would be to swim there on a hot day like earlier in the summer. Dillon also made a video about this trip:

Sunset Shoot at Yellow Lake:

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