Every New Year, I’m asked what my resolution is. The funny thing about that is I never can really think of anything I want to change. I always think that creating a resolution won’t really solve anything, kind of like how most people decide their resolution will be to lose “x” amount of weight. So they buy a gym membership, use it for a month, and then slowly start giving up, deciding, “I’m happy with myself the way I am” and “I just want to take a break from working so hard.” With this in mind, I have never felt the need to actually create a resolution for myself because I’ve always felt it was so futile. I’ll decide later in the year that it’s not worth the time and effort, and just give up.

But things are changing, because this year I’m determined to set a resolution for myself and actually follow through with it. So here’s my big list of things I’d like to accomplish that underlie an over-arching New Year Resolution, to be more productive & live a happier lifestyle:

  1. Create at least one thing a day, whether it be a piece of artwork, a craft, a poem, a blog post, a video, etc.
  2. Put less time into stressing about every little thing I see that I don’t like/approve of.
  3. Be a better leader.
  4. Try a new recipe at least once every two weeks.
  5. Be more aware of what I’m doing, and less aware of what others are doing.