Our Last Weekend With Northwest Passage

Bittersweet Goodbyes

This past weekend was my last weekend here at Northwest Passage. So what did we (the interns) do? We did our best to make the last weekend the greatest. Unfortunately, it didn’t start out all so nice. Friday night we all got together at our house since Beca would be leaving the following morning. Everyone brought snacks and we all hung out in the kitchen, talking about our memories together. It was sad to see her go, even more sad because the next morning I was awake to say goodbye.

Saturday afternoon everyone went to the beach but I stayed home. I had a pretty bad headache and I didn’t think the sun would make it a whole lot better. After they all came home from the beach, we decided to get dinner together at the Saloon Eatery down in Webster.
Afterwards we went to Big Lake which I then renamed “Dinky Lake” for being anything but big. We didn’t stay for long, but we stayed long enough that somehow I was sore the next morning from attempting to skip rocks and failing.

Our Last Adventure

Sunday, we went to Osceola, “we” meaning Summer, Dillon and I. We thought we would be going on hike, but it ended up not really being a hike, more like a climb down some stairs to get to Cascade Falls, and then kind of a walk uphill and back downhill to get back to the highway and to the car. After the Falls, we went to an antique store and browsed for about an hour, and then left to go get food.

Funny story: we all agreed we wanted to have Mexican food, and planned to go to a place called “Fiesta Loco.” Summer looked it up on her phone and said we should walk there, but I drove and said “No, I saw it when we came into town, we should probably drive there.” So we drove there after realizing Summer’s phone wasn’t right about where it was, and it ended up being about a five minute drive out of Osceola and into Dresser. We all got out of the car and were like: “Yeah Summer, we should have definitely walked.” Point is, (if you didn’t get the joke), it would have been a long walk.

After lunch, we drove to Taylor Falls, picked up some hot chocolate for Summer. The building we stopped at looked like it was pulled out of a movie. It was an old Victorian house converted to a coffee shop. After that we just hung out next to the ridge of the St. Croix River on the Minnesota side of Interstate Park. Below is a video Dillon made about the day and some pictures I took while we were there:

This could quite possibly be the last time I ever get to be with all these amazing people I’ve met here. I’m going to try to make my last 3 days here as great as they can be.


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