The Sum of My Parts

Second Semester Course Load

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, and I hope you guys will forgive me because I’m extremely busy. A lot busier than I was last semester, because I’m taking 3 studio courses (in other words, 3 two-hour classes that are project-based) and 3 other classes. So if you can’t do the math, I’m taking 6 classes, which is 18 hours of courses a week, on top of my 30 hours of part-time work at Burlington. But if you think that was hard, get this: on top of all of that I also have to commit 6 hours per studio class per week to working on projects and homework outside of class. In total, I’m doing something related to classwork 36 hours a week, and I’m working somewhere around 30 hours a week… a grand total of 66 hours a week.

Let’s Do The Math

So for the sake of spending what’s left of this 30 minute time slot between my 8 am class and my 9:30 am class (I got out super early because we’re testing) let’s boil down these numbers:

I have 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week: 168 hours total.

I normally try to sleep close to 8 hours per night: 56 hours

Subtract that from the total: 112 hours

So if that’s correct, I have 112 hours outside of my sleeping schedule for me to allocate between classes, work, and free time.

Subtract how many hours a week I’m spending on work & classes and we get a grand total of: 46 hours.

And if you divide that by 7 (days) that makes roughly 6.5 hours per day.

That is really insane to think about really, that I only have 6 and a half hours to myself every day, and I have to spend that taking care of myself so I don’t go insane from how much time I have to spend doing everything else.


So in other words, I think this semester is really starting to teach my how to spend my time wisely. I’m not spending as much time as I normally would avoiding responsibilities, I’m facing them as quickly as possible to get them out of the way. It’s a lot harder than I thought it would ever be, balancing the three facets of my life: school, work, and free time. Regardless to say, I’m extremely excited for Spring Break to come. I’ve counted the days that are left until then, and there’s 18, and tomorrow I can finally request time off for my break (Burlington only lets you submit time off requests 17 days prior, which I think is really cutting it close). Regardless, after writing this post I kind of want to push it aside because I wrote it to try to show everyone that I’m not just slacking off on my website, I’m really working hard. Something that working on all these projects, and learning about Gestalt Psychology is that an object is not a sum of its parts. Similarly, I’m not the sum of my parts. Just because I’m working hard does not mean that I don’t want to be lazy. All I want to do sometimes is take a break from everything, but a lot of the time I can’t. So here’s to me telling myself to keep up the good work.

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