My Second Trip to Interstate Park

So today I’m at the gallery editing, but my computer is running slowly so in between making edits and exporting completed videos and uploading them to YouTube (don’t criticize my excessive use of “and’s” please) I realized I haven’t really wrote a blog post in a while, so here I am now. I actually just turned to Kat a minute ago and was just like: “You know what’s crazy? We have two more weekends here and then we’re done.” It’s insane that I’ve been here for almost 3 months now and I’ll be leaving so soon. I feel like I haven’t gotten enough done, with all the work I’ve been piling on myself, and yet, my time here to work is running out. I’m realizing I’m really going to miss this. But maybe there are better things out there for me.

This past week we took a trip with Aspen at Prairieview to Interstate Park, which us interns visited a while back by ourselves. It was nice to return with the kids and let them see all the wonderful sights, and to hear the rushing water. It was incredibly inspiring to hear their poems about the elasticity of time in the view of humans versus rocks.

Weekend Trip to Duluth

Last weekend Summer, Kate, Kat, Dillon and I found ourselves in Duluth. It was about an hour and a half drive, we listened to music and chatted the whole way. It was exciting when we finally had gotten into the city, but unfortunately the weather was not the greatest. After we arrived, we went to a cafe for coffee and shortly after, we drove around town until we found a beach that Kate had been to before. It was amazing to play around in the sand, and to act like kids. The feeling of just releasing all of our worries and stress about work just lifted so much weight off of our shoulders. After the beach, we went to a Nautical Burger Restaurant/Bar called Anchor Bar & Grill. The restaurant had a really small menu, but the burgers were dirt cheap and delicious. After lunch, we went to the Rose Gardens and walked around town, taking pictures and exploring the shoreline. To finish off the trip, we went to Enger Park, which basically overlooks all of Duluth and the bridges that connect it to Wisconsin. The view was breathtaking, but I am extremely afraid of heights and it was kind of nauseating to be so high up. It was a really fun last hurrah. Below is video Dillon made about the trip:

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