Cranking Out Videos

For the last week or so I’ve been working really hard on cranking out more videos to YouTube for more people to see. I’m getting used to figuring out what revisions need to be made without really asking anyone for advice about it, so it’s been a lot easier to finalize videos on my own. But I’m really excited to share with you guys my newest videos! Below you will see two videos I made on my own, the first is a video I’ve been working on since I arrived here, it was actually the very first video I filmed being here. The second video is from a underwater trip we took to the Gordan Dam with Prairieview last Monday. Let me know what you think!

These past few weeks have been tough. I spent practically no time at Riverside, which was anything but a relief. All my time with kids was spent at Prairieview, which is an extreme hassle because the kids there don’t think of me as staff, or as someone in charge. I’m assuming that is because they all say I look like I’m 16 years old and the way they talk to me like I’m just another one of the residents. So unfortunately, any instructions I gave regarding our Motion Poetry projects were completely ignored, or they didn’t even acknowledge that I asked for them to do anything at all. It’s tough, because I don’t feel the confidence to tell them “If you don’t do this you’ll have to take a Stop-and-Think” (which is essentially a time-out) or “if you continue to disrupt your classmates and avoid what I’ve been asking you to do, you’ll have to go to the OR” (Observation room, which when sent there as a punishment they are completely secluded from everyone and everything. There’s no furniture or windows. They just have to stay put).

Weekend Shenanigans

Aside from that, I had a great weekend to make up for the kind of loaded work week. Saturday, I spent the morning and part of the afternoon on the beach at Clear Lake with Beca, Sarah, and Summer. It was a beautiful day but the temperature was way up there so we were baking on the grass (there’s no sand at the beach). After a while, we got ready to meet up with Dillon and go up to Pattison State Park to see Big Manitou Falls. Here are some pictures & a video Dillon made from that adventure:


Underwater Photography

Sunday, we went on an underwater photography trip with just staff (Ben, Dillon, Megan, Sarah, Summer, Beca, and I) to North Sand Lake. Here are some pictures from that adventure:


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