It’s been a long time coming but I’m finally getting recognized for my efforts at my part-time job. It was tough at first because every day I put 100% to clean up other people’s messes, correct behaviors, and ensuring everyone was doing their job to keep the store maintained. Meanwhile, I was receiving hardly any recognition, while those around me did. It just felt like the managers didn’t care, but a lot has changed now. As of the beginning of this month, I was offered and I accepted a position as Key Holder. What this means is not only I get a pay raise, I also have more responsibilities such as opening and closing the store, attending conference calls, managing our flow team, and much more. This is not only great experience for my resume, but great for me to continue understanding what it is to be an effective leader. Overall, I’m really excited to have this opportunity.

Aside from my promotion, I also have a great opportunity coming up this summer. Monday morning I received a call from American Banker’s Association, which is offering an internship I applied for, and they want me to fly to Washington D.C. this January for an interview. The person I spoke to said that out of 900 candidates, they chose me and 50 others. The internship is full time and starts in June 2018. The most exciting part about this is that it is a publications job, so I will be improving on my writing and marketing skills, rather than just expanding upon my video production skills.

Wish me luck!