Good News!

I’m really excited to announce I’ve officially completed my first semester of technically my senior year. It’s really incredible to think about how quickly these past three years of school have passed me by, and the fact that I only have one semester left until I graduate. Even more so, it’s weird to think that …
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2D Design: Purposeful Play

About the Project Play is often thought of as a tool for children. To a child, play is serious business. But purposeful play is a tool for all of us to investigate and understand the world, our relationships, and ourselves. Play allows us to reflect on the past, interpret the present, and imagine the future. …
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2D Design: Balancing Variety

About the Project This project’s goal is to expand upon my knowledge of the principles of design including unity & variety, emphasis, value, and balance. It will expand on my knowledge by stretching the variables in a composition while still maintaining order, balance and harmony. The process we are tasked to follow is to compose …
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The Sum of My Parts

Second Semester Course Load It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, and I hope you guys will forgive me because I’m extremely busy. A lot busier than I was last semester, because I’m taking 3 studio courses (in other words, 3 two-hour classes that are project-based) and 3 other classes. So if …
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New Year Resolutions

Every New Year, I’m asked what my resolution is. The funny thing about that is I never can really think of anything I want to change. I always think that creating a resolution won’t really solve anything, kind of like how most people decide their resolution will be to lose “x” amount of weight. So …
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Working My Way Up

It’s been a long time coming but I’m finally getting recognized for my efforts at my part-time job. It was tough at first because every day I put 100% to clean up other people’s messes, correct behaviors, and ensuring everyone was doing their job to keep the store maintained. Meanwhile, I was receiving hardly any …
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Back to School

Welcome Back to Iowa It’s been awhile, but I’m back in Des Moines for classes. So far it’s been a really weird year for me, not in terms of classes though. I haven’t been struggling at all with assignments, or exams, or anything really. What I’ve really been struggling with is family. This past summer …
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