Form & Concept: Symbol, Logotype, and Application

About the Project In this project, I looked at different ways ideas can be represented through concept, form and style. I learned to connect design to contemporary culture and look at how culture influences meaning. In the first part of the assignment I researched an animal as an icon. Afterwards, I developed the identity for …
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Form & Concept: Simplified Form & Narrative

For this project I was tasked with designing a unified set of symbols that represent me as a graphic designer. Learning objectives for this project included basic linguistic research, the conceptualization of multiple solutions to a given problem, the further development of computer drawing skills, the creation and refinement of imagery, observational skills, hand craft …
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Form & Concept: Themes

For this short project, I was tasked to complete six four-inch by four-inch compositions which presented the following themes: Tense, Dreamy, Quiet, Loud, Energetic, and (student’s choice) Lazy. Below are my comments about my compositions: Tense: First I started with some overlapping text that stated “We’re all just waiting” repeated over and over until I covered …
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Form & Concept: Gestalt Principles

For this project, I was tasked to create twelve images. Two images for each of the following Gestalt Principles: Figure/Ground, Equilibrium, Similarity, Closure, Proximity, and Continuation. Gestalt is a school of psychology founded in the 1920s that deals with the mind’s self-organizing tendencies. The basic premise of gestalt (German for “essence or shape of an …
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The Wombats New Album Release

Project 2 (Photoshop) for ART 21 This project’s requirements were to choose a band and create an album cover, a promotional poster, and social media (Soundcloud banner, profile image, and an animated album promo gif ) for the upcoming launch of an album. In order to create these elements, I focused on the development of …
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Exercise 13 (Photoshop) for ART 21 For this assignment I created a composite image using Surrealism as an inspiration. Using no fewer than 5 photos to create an image that blends various elements of the photos together to create a seamless composite image. All the photos I used were taken by me. For inspiration and ideas …
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Composite Images

Exercise 9 (Photoshop) for ART 21 For this assignment I had to create 3 images by compositing photos of my friends into different background photos. I used pictures that Dillon took during our internship this past summer.