2D Design: Gestalt Principles

Learn about Gestalt Principles here.

Order is extremely fundamental in art making. In the case of this process, being orderly completely changed the effect of the art, for example, some people chose not to give any thought to their order in which they placed their solutions for each Gestalt Principle. This resulted in the work looking not as cohesive as others. In comparison, mine and a few of my classmates had some kind of order defined to create a better composition. In my case, I alternated columns so that every other column utilized black or white negative space. In another student’s case, they used two white negative spaces and two black negative spaces in each category in order to create a grid-like effect. In this way, it looked like their composition was composed of 6 large squares with 4 smaller squares within each of those 6 squares. The way in which each of us utilized these techniques allowed our compositions to appear much more orderly and thought out. Because our artwork was more orderly, it was more apparent that we cared more about the composition over all, and we cared about the final product. Meanwhile, others who did not think about the order in which their work was presented appeared as though they just tried to get the project done, so that it would be over with.

I have learned a lot about work ethic in the last two weeks. I have learned that once I get in the groove of working hard on a project it is very hard to disconnect from that project and believe that I am producing the best work that I can. It was extremely surprising to see what other people produced and to watch their process. It was especially surprising how after we watched the demo on how to layout our Bristol paper, some people didn’t even remotely follow that process. Because of that decision, their process of creating the layout of their Bristol paper took much longer than mine took. During the critique, I learned a lot about my artwork as a whole that I didn’t realize after completing it. For example, a lot of people pointed out the way in which there seemed to be a theme of eyes throughout the entire composition, which I didn’t realize initially. I did realize when creating them that they did appear that way but I didn’t realize that my use of them as a symbol was continuous throughout. Some people said they wanted to see more whole circles, rather than to see all the overlapping circles I included to create a greater sense than circles as a shape. I really wanted to avoid using a circle as a shape entirely, I really wanted to expand off of the circle as a shape and create different objects and symbols with those circles instead. So overall, some of the feedback I received was hard for me to take in without feeling criticism. I really like how my composition came out as a whole. There are some parts I would have liked to clean up, like in between the margins. That is something I will work on in the future, trying to take more time being precise and less time just trying to get it done.