2D Design: Gif


The objectives of this project according to our assignment sheet were to depict the transformation of a form from one physical state to another. In order to do this, we had to work through the process of abstraction by fragmenting a singular image into multiple shapes. However, this objective is fairly straightforward and doesn’t really look into what it really meant to complete the tasks this project requires of us.


The objective of this project, I believe, was similar to the goal of second project, balancing variety. What I mean by this is, the goal was to translate a work of art from one medium to another, and rather than create something relatively the same (as in project two), to create something new. I have never thought of creating gifs in this way. I think most of the time, when I think of gifs I think of something that is created almost entirely digitally. I guess in some ways, some gifs are not solely created by digital mediums. For example, you can take a series of photographs and create a gif. Photographs are not solely digital, because you’re capturing an image and you can either print that photo and manipulate it to create a gif or you can use a computer to edit and manipulate it.