2D Design: The Human Element

About the Project:

In this project, I was tasked with reconsidering the form of visual elements while still maintaining the order of a composition through Gestalt Principles and the principles of design. In order to do this, I had to choose a solution to the Gestalt Principles that I had created in my first 2D Design project and use it to create a new solution through photography. To do this I had to think about ways in which to use the body in order to emulate my solution. The restrictions of this project were I could use only one prop if I chose to use one, in my case, I chose to use a sculpture which had a whole in its body as my prop to frame my composition the way I did when I originally created it.


Art making is as old as time, and often it is easier for us the importance of art  by realizing the art itself as historic artifacts, and preserving those artifacts. Art is important today not only because it represents pivotal points in our history, but because it stands as landmarking elements that stand for who we are. The art we create leaves behind little pieces of who we are inside for those who come later to find and reflect on. Our art itself as evolved more and more throughout the years, in the ways in which we used to rely on mediums that came easy to us to create our art, and now we seek greater means of creating arts by creating our own mediums of self-expression. It depends on who you ask, but art is a very valuable commodity in our culture. Art is what decorates everything we use, everything we see, and in everything we do. Every single detail of our lives, from the clothes we wear to the cars we drive, is all art. Some people say “art is stupid” but don’t think about what that means, because truly no one thinks art is stupid. Art is everything. What makes art so important in culture is its use.

Everyone says “it’s hard to make money as an artist,” but really, everyone is an artist in their own way. A documentary filmmaker creates art, as does an architect, a chef, a gardener, and so on. Everyone has their own way in which they create their own art, and in that way everyone is an artist. Without even thinking about it, our society supports artists everyday, because all of our needs and desires requires an artist to complete. Therefore, everything is art, and everything we do, is in some form, art.