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Project Specifications:
Applying what I have learned about HTML/CSS, web fonts, colors, and images, I had to create and code a solution to this problem that will be used by first-year students in my major. This tasked me with looking back on my first year experience at Drake: what classes I took, what services I needed to access, and where I needed to go to find these things. So, basing this map off of my first year experience, I needed to know where to locate the following buildings and their respective information:

  • Olin Hall, where I took my Psychology Lab and Lecture
  • Meredith Hall, where I took my Journalism courses and Sociology AOI
  • Harmon Fine Arts Center, where I took my First Year Seminar course
  • Howard Hall, where I met with my professors for office hours
  • Olmsted Center, where I worked out regularly on the lower floor, met with fellow students for group projects, frequented the Student Life Center for assistance with various things, as well as for the occasional coffee, smoothie, or snack
  • Hubbell Dining Hall, where I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner frequently
  • Quad Creek Cafe, where I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner frequently
  • Spike’s C-Store, where I picked up snacks and quick meals for on-the-go
  • The Quads, where I lived and the rest of the first-year student body lived
  • Cowles Library, where I met with groups for projects and conducted research
  • Carnegie Hall, where I visited the financial aid office and information technology services for assistance
  • Old Main Hall, where I picked up my refund checks for tuition as well as where I completed my W2s for student employment
  • Bell Center & Knapp Center, where I worked on a weekend basis with Drake Creative Services and their video crew

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