Form & Concept: Simplified Form & Narrative

For this project I was tasked with designing a unified set of symbols that represent me as a graphic designer. Learning objectives for this project included basic linguistic research, the conceptualization of multiple solutions to a given problem, the further development of computer drawing skills, the creation and refinement of imagery, observational skills, hand craft skills, and the refinement of presentation and articulation of skills. Adobe Illustrator was utilized for producing vector art work, layout, and production.

Phase 1: Curating Mock-Ups

The three categories in which we had to create symbols were type-based, pictogram, and abstract. The easiest for me to come up with were definitely type-based, and the hardest were pictograms. It’s really easy for me to come up with images for type because I have three letters I have to use, and so I was limited in my options. What made pictogram so hard for me was to come up with a symbol that represented me accurately, I was stuck on one specific image: a camera shutter. I couldn’t really think of much else to represent me as a professional.





Phase 2:

Next I had to decide on what changes I would make, and really I had to pair one from each category together to create a cohesive set of symbols about myself. In this phase, I took edits further in trying to decipher what I really wanted my symbols to look like. So what I decided on was what you see below (top is my symbols before edits, below are my final versions). I decided to add color because I think staying black and white would take away from who I really am. I also decided to change my initials in the second grouping so that the “J” fit between the C and B in a different way in which it kind of looks like a path or an arrow connecting the two. I also added a pop of color to my abstract symbol to make it match with my other two symbols.


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