Form & Concept: Symbol, Logotype, and Application

About the Project

In this project, I looked at different ways ideas can be represented through concept, form and style. I learned to connect design to contemporary culture and look at how culture influences meaning. In the first part of the assignment I researched an animal as an icon. Afterwards, I developed the identity for a brand that will take the form of the symbol and then a logotype.

My Process

First I started by creating thumbnails of what my symbol would look like. I brainstormed really, bouncing idea off of idea until I was satisfied with my range of images that I had created. Afterwards, I chose a few of these images to remaster in Adobe Illustrator and really make edits and changes that would make them better visuals.

Round 1:

With these revised images, I presented them in class and got ideas for what I should change. I chose to work on  a few images I thought were fairly simple and I few that I felt were more complicated. In class, we met as a group and went around and shared our ideas and gave each other suggestions on how to change our visuals and make them better. From there, I made more edits.

Round 2:


Finally, I spent a good couple of hours refining my images, as well as bringing in images that I felt I overlooked. I really had my heart set on designing a symbol/logotype for a jewelry company, and so I used my time to refine my images to fit a jewelry company (Ma’s Jewelry Company) better. My first thumbnail (from left to right) doesn’t really do well to represent a jewelry company, but it does well to represent a family environment, and a very sophisticated brand. The second image represents this because of the crystallization of the wolf figure in the image. The next image represents this because of the way the negative space they form creates a gem in the center. The image second from last represents this brand because of the way the figure is made up of crystallized gems, but not as much as the second image. The last image represents this company in the way that it demonstrates a gem being centered around love and the idea of family. However, my work was not done here.

Round 3:


The finalization of this project meant I had to pick an image I felt that best represented my brand and that would work well as a graphic seen from afar, as well as on social media or any other use they may have for it. To demonstrate this, I created a regular logo, and square-format icon for the social media accounts, and I worked up and image using Graphic Burger to show the logo being used at a sign at one of their locations. Overall, I really enjoy the way that my symbols came out. But after this process, we critiqued our graphics in class and both my professor and my classmates proposed changes.

Round 4:


These are the final images I came up with. Our final turn in was to be the symbol on its own, a Graphic Burger mock-up, and two an alternative symbol. So above are my final solutions to this project. I changed my icon (right-most) so that the bird was not as complicated and “loopy” as the previous one. I also changed this icon so the “M” and “S” are much smaller than the bird, which helped to create more hierarchy in my symbol. Lastly, I chose to change the font of “Jewelry Company” to a serif font in small caps to contrast between the icon and the typeface. I applied these same changes to my wolf icon, but I also chose to make my wolf look more gem-like, and used different colors to exaggerated the angles and depth of the wolf’s face.


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