Form & Concept: Themes

For this short project, I was tasked to complete six four-inch by four-inch compositions which presented the following themes: Tense, Dreamy, Quiet, Loud, Energetic, and (student’s choice) Lazy. Below are my comments about my compositions:

Tense: First I started with some overlapping text that stated “We’re all just waiting” repeated over and over until I covered the entire composition. I wanted to depict anxiety, or some sort of inner turmoil. What ended up happening after that was I thought the words repeated and overlapping each other was not doing enough, so I chose to incorporate the triangle in the top right corner, which then became the only part of the composition that I really liked. After that, I decided to create a kind of shadow-box shape over top of this triangle, and then to balance the composition I shaded the other half of the square with red.



Dreamy: For this square I chose to use my favorite color, mint green, as a background color and overlay it with black and white hexagons in no particular pattern to give off a feeling of serenity and peace. Now that I look at it as a whole I kind of thing of brain waves during a sleep cycle. This was probably the easiest composition for me to make, it came naturally and I didn’t really have to think about it.




Quiet: This one was probably the second easiest for me to make, because it took more thought than dreamy, but it was just as easy for me to come up with this solution. I decided to center a black circle on the square, then add another smaller white circle inside of the previous circle to kind of make it look like a hole. After that I chose to fill the hole with a light blue square. Now that I look at it, it looks a little like a record.




Loud: I took this idea from my very first idea for tense. I chose a font and overlapped that font with different colors. I don’t remember what font I chose, but I think it was some sort of glyphs font. First I created a text box and it automatically filled with the typical “Lorem… [blah blah blah]” paragraph, so when I changed the font it just became squares with “x”s through them.




Energetic: This idea came from my first Typography Project (here). The shape used here is actually a “Q” from the font Snell Roundhand (Script). The reason I chose this letter is because it’s somewhat abstract and somewhat reminds me of a “2” rather than a “Q.” I used this letter repeatedly to create a continuous effect, sort of like the infinity symbol, because the pattern never ends or begins.




Lazy: I chose this theme as my student choice mostly because after I finished the rest of the designs I was feeling kind of lazy myself. So what I did was I chose a type face that looked rushed and not very thought out, and then I made these “O”s, that kind of just look like asymmetrical shapes. In order to finish this solution, since it didn’t look complete with only the “O”s I added in two heavy-stroked lines to center the “O”s.

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