Special Topics in Graphic Design: Locale


The objective of this project was to create three separate elements in order to promote a location. Students were tasked with picking this location, and then utilizing pictures from this location taken by the student themselves in order to create the three elements of this project. The three elements required for this project were the following: a digital, time-based element (such as a video, gif, or something else time-based), a 8-page minimum booklet, and a 24in x 36in poster.

My Process


For my time-based element, I chose to create a gif, partly because I was creating a gif for 2D Design at the same time, partly because I want to improve on my ability to create gifs in general. For my gif, I chose to base my theme of all other elements of my project based on my color scheme of this gif. So this element of the project was extremely important to me to be able to complete first, as it was a basis for all other elements of the project to be tied together. To make my gif, I first created the “Pattison State Park” sign in photoshop, and then in a separate file I created the same sign but with alternating colors. One sign had pink & orange colors, the other had orange & yellow colors. To create a gif from this, I brought it into yet another photoshop file and used the timeline settings to alternate these signs to create a sort of flashing affect.


The next part of my project I had to address was to create a booklet. Below you can see all of the pages as thumbnails but below all the pictures if a link to the book in full on Dropbox. I think the hardest part of this element was to create the map, because I did not want to use a map someone else had made for the park. So instead, I took this following official map and brought it into Illustrator to do an image trace. After the image trace, I removed anything that appeared muddy or no longer needed. Next, I used the pen tool to create the river and lake by creating very simple shapes and then editing the lines to flow more accurately. After this, I applied a green background to the sections that are highlighted as areas in the park. Finally, I finished off the map by adding text to highlight specific areas of the map that are indicated, as well as the trail lengths.

Back cover

To see the digital book in its entirety, click here.


The final element of this project was the poster. Creating this poster was the easiest part, because I just used elements that I felt were strongest in showcasing Pattison State Park, which were photos of the waterfall and the Black River. Along with these images, I chose to include basic information about the park.