The Wombats

The Wombats New Album Release

Project 2 (Photoshop) for ART 21

This project’s requirements were to choose a band and create an album cover, a promotional poster, and social media (Soundcloud banner, profile image, and an animated album promo gif ) for the upcoming launch of an album. In order to create these elements, I focused on the development of a central composite image-based illustration for the album cover and adapt, expand and translate this idea to the other elements.

For my project, I chose to make promotional items for the band The Wombats. The Wombats are an indie-pop band from Britain, their music is deceivingly happy but the lyrics to their songs seem to be kind of melancholy and express a lot of anxiety-based feelings. As for the album title, I chose “Walking Disasters,” which is kind of symbolic of their music. For my art, I chose to use a technique I learned in one of my tutorials to create an effect that makes the band members appear to be dissolving into smoke. Along with this technique, I chose to use kind of saturated pastel colors as well as warm tones of orange and cool tones of blue in order to get a kind of deceiving effect that I wanted. I wanted to show that although their music seems to be happy-go-lucky, when you actually listen to the lyrics it’s a lot deeper than it seems.


The following elements pictured are two of the five elements required for this project. I didn’t feel the need to post all five elements because they are pretty similar to each other and it would look very repetitive.