Typography Project 4: Typography

About This Project:

This project’s objective was to build on my knowledge of using type, typographic treatment and semantics to express ideas in order to create a table of contents and title page focused on the ideas of information hierarchy and the logical organization of information. In this first part of this project, I created four different iterations of a table of contents, and once I finalized my table of contents I took those themes and applied them in the second part of this project: the title page.

Preliminary Solutions:




What I found to be the most difficult part was expressing a hierarchy. I tended to focus more on the design of the page rather than how the elements were actually operating in comparison to one another. Because of this tendency, I ended up coming up with ideas without hierarchy time and time again and then afterwards I would have to go back and make drastic changes to make the hierarchy on the page more apparent.

Therefore, what I learned most of all from this project is the importance of hierarchy. Without hierarchy, elements on the page seem to all hold the same amount of weight. Without hierarchy, the page can become boring and lack appeal to the audience. On top of this, I learned how to balance hierarchy with rhythm, contrast, and unity.

Final Products: