As my final project in my web design class, I was tasked to create a choose your own adventure game with a group of people. My group chose to base our adventure off of a haunted house, and the goal would be to escape with your friend who is trapped inside. We were tasked to develop our own narrative, characters, illustration style, and color palettes. From there, we then moved on to creating a site map that dictated the user flow. From there we developed the pattern of the story (links, background style, character style, typography, buttons) in order to maintain a consistent theme throughout.

Among the components I developed for the project, I wrote the script for which the narrative would follow and I designed the characters:

Dog Owner

Dog Owner Falling


Crying Little Girl










Crying Little Girl with Doll

Talking Dog





My teammates were responsible for creating background images, and then placing all of our content into an Adobe XD file, which serves as an interactive game. To view this content in full screen, click here. This content is also available in this browser window below:

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