New Year Resolutions

Every New Year, I’m asked what my resolution is. The funny thing about that is I never can really think of anything I want to change. I always think that creating a resolution won’t really solve anything, kind of like how most people decide their resolution will be to lose “x” amount of weight. So …
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Working My Way Up

It’s been a long time coming but I’m finally getting recognized for my efforts at my part-time job. It was tough at first because every day I put 100% to clean up other people’s messes, correct behaviors, and ensuring everyone was doing their job to keep the store maintained. Meanwhile, I was receiving hardly any …
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The Wombats New Album Release

Project 2 (Photoshop) for ART 21 This project’s requirements were to choose a band and create an album cover, a promotional poster, and social media (Soundcloud banner, profile image, and an animated album promo gif ) for the upcoming launch of an album. In order to create these elements, I focused on the development of …
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Exercise 13 (Photoshop) for ART 21 For this assignment I created a composite image using Surrealism as an inspiration. Using no fewer than 5 photos to create an image that blends various elements of the photos together to create a seamless composite image. All the photos I used were taken by me. For inspiration and ideas …
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Back to School

Welcome Back to Iowa It’s been awhile, but I’m back in Des Moines for classes. So far it’s been a really weird year for me, not in terms of classes though. I haven’t been struggling at all with assignments, or exams, or anything really. What I’ve really been struggling with is family. This past summer …
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Composite Images

Exercise 9 (Photoshop) for ART 21 For this assignment I had to create 3 images by compositing photos of my friends into different background photos. I used pictures that Dillon took during our internship this past summer.

Okeechobee Arts & Music Festival

Project 1 (Illustrator) for ART 21 This project’s requirements were to create four things for a festival of my choosing: 1) a profile picture for social media, 2) a postcard, 3) a poster, and 4) a Facebook banner. The festival I chose has only been occurring for a year or two, but it’s an music …
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Drake University Postcard

Exercise 6 (Illustrator) for ART 21 This project’s requirements were to use image trace on a photograph taken on Drake University’s campus and turn it into a postcard. I used a photo I took my freshmen year here, and used image trace to create a surreal-painting kind of look. To complement the image trace, I created a gradient …
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Iowa Coasters

  Exercise 4 (Illustrator) for ART 21 This project’s requirements were to create two coasters which represent Iowa and use the same theme to look cohesive. I didn’t face a lot of problems with this project, however, I had to teach myself some gradient techniques in order to achieve the results I wanted. Overall, I …
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