2D Design

2D Design: Flag Of Me

Summary A flag identifies a people, place, and an ideology. Flags unite and divide peoples and places all over the world. A good flag reveals the universal importance of visual communication. From the words of Roman Mars, “Once you understand the design of flags… you can understand the design of almost anything.” The objective of …
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2D Design: Gif

Summary The objectives of this project according to our assignment sheet were to depict the transformation of a form from one physical state to another. In order to do this, we had to work through the process of abstraction by fragmenting a singular image into multiple shapes. However, this objective is fairly straightforward and doesn’t …
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2D Design: Purposeful Play

About the Project Play is often thought of as a tool for children. To a child, play is serious business. But purposeful play is a tool for all of us to investigate and understand the world, our relationships, and ourselves. Play allows us to reflect on the past, interpret the present, and imagine the future. …
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2D Design: The Human Element

About the Project: In this project, I was tasked with reconsidering the form of visual elements while still maintaining the order of a composition through Gestalt Principles and the principles of design. In order to do this, I had to choose a solution to the Gestalt Principles that I had created in my first 2D …
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2D Design: Balancing Variety

About the Project This project’s goal is to expand upon my knowledge of the principles of design including unity & variety, emphasis, value, and balance. It will expand on my knowledge by stretching the variables in a composition while still maintaining order, balance and harmony. The process we are tasked to follow is to compose …
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2D Design: Gestalt Principles

Learn about Gestalt Principles here. Order is extremely fundamental in art making. In the case of this process, being orderly completely changed the effect of the art, for example, some people chose not to give any thought to their order in which they placed their solutions for each Gestalt Principle. This resulted in the work …
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