2D Design: Gestalt Principles

Learn about Gestalt Principles here. Order is extremely fundamental in art making. In the case of this process, being orderly completely changed the effect of the art, for example, some people chose not to give any thought to their order in which they placed their solutions for each Gestalt Principle. This resulted in the work …
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Form & Concept: Simplified Form & Narrative

For this project I was tasked with designing a unified set of symbols that represent me as a graphic designer. Learning objectives for this project included basic linguistic research, the conceptualization of multiple solutions to a given problem, the further development of computer drawing skills, the creation and refinement of imagery, observational skills, hand craft …
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Form & Concept: Themes

For this short project, I was tasked to complete six four-inch by four-inch compositions which presented the following themes: Tense, Dreamy, Quiet, Loud, Energetic, and (student’s choice) Lazy. Below are my comments about my compositions: Tense: First I started with some overlapping text that stated “We’re all just waiting” repeated over and over until I covered …
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Typography Project 2: Words

After gaining a new appreciation of letter forms in Project 1, I have learned that letter forms are not created mathematically, but rather they were made to maintain visual consistency with the other letters within the letter form as well as come together as a glyph system to differentiate from other glyph systems. In this …
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Form & Concept: Gestalt Principles

For this project, I was tasked to create twelve images. Two images for each of the following Gestalt Principles: Figure/Ground, Equilibrium, Similarity, Closure, Proximity, and Continuation. Gestalt is a school of psychology founded in the 1920s that deals with the mind’s self-organizing tendencies. The basic premise of gestalt (German for “essence or shape of an …
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Typography Project 1: Letters

Above are 11 fonts that I used references to recreate on paper with pen and pencil. The process was very captivating, because it allowed me to learn a lot about the unique qualities of each font style. I learned more about the importance to be precise and pay attention to detail. The first two letters …
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LIVE JMC 67 Radio Production – “The Tenth Planet”

For my JMC 67 (Audio Writing & Production) course we redid a radio broadcast from 1952 in our studio. We created this segment with live soundeffects, as well as live voice-actors and all the works. Everything you hear in this segment was done live, from the voices of the characters, to the commercials and announcers, …
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7th Annual Holiday Market at Central Presbyterian Church

Families finished their holiday shopping this past weekend when artisans from all over Iowa came to visit and cater to the Des Moines community. On  Friday, Dec. 2 and Saturday, Dec. 3, the Central Presbyterian Church held its seventh annual holiday market.  Vendors paid a fixed fee to the church for their spot in the …
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Renovations to Come to Grinnell Historical Museum Before Re-Open This Fall

With cold weather rushing in, most of us are looking forward for spring to return. With it’s return, you may want to check out the newly renovated Grinnell Historical Museum located 45 minutes away from Des Moines. While the museum will not be open until the spring of 2017, board members are currently renovating and restoring …
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