In A New Voice: “I Am A Snail” by Julia S.

This poem was written and storyboarded by Julia S., a resident at Prairieview. The poem’s intent was to capture the essence of being in nature, in Julia’s own meaningful way. With the help of Film Production Intern Cassandra Bauer and Julia’s instructor Scott Swanson, In A New Voice launched its very first round of motion …
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In A New Light: Burnett County Airport

Join Riverside as they explore the Burnett County Airport the day before the airshow! The boys learn about the different planes coming in for the air show, as well as the different automobiles which reside on the airport property.

In A New Voice: Straight Lake

Join us on an adventure to Straight Lake. Watch as the girls from Prairieview encounter wildlife, explore the forest, and reflect on their word of the day “ephemeral” and what it means in accordance with their surroundings.