Typography Project 3: Sentences

About the Project In this project, I built on my knowledge of letterforms and letter spacing in order to organize and express the ideas which the following quote conveys by using variations of of type, type style, and typographic structure: “Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t …
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2D Design: Balancing Variety

About the Project This project’s goal is to expand upon my knowledge of the principles of design including unity & variety, emphasis, value, and balance. It will expand on my knowledge by stretching the variables in a composition while still maintaining order, balance and harmony. The process we are tasked to follow is to compose …
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2D Design: Gestalt Principles

Learn about Gestalt Principles here. Order is extremely fundamental in art making. In the case of this process, being orderly completely changed the effect of the art, for example, some people chose not to give any thought to their order in which they placed their solutions for each Gestalt Principle. This resulted in the work …
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The Sum of My Parts

Second Semester Course Load It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, and I hope you guys will forgive me because I’m extremely busy. A lot busier than I was last semester, because I’m taking 3 studio courses (in other words, 3 two-hour classes that are project-based) and 3 other classes. So if …
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Form & Concept: Themes

For this short project, I was tasked to complete six four-inch by four-inch compositions which presented the following themes: Tense, Dreamy, Quiet, Loud, Energetic, and (student’s choice) Lazy. Below are my comments about my compositions: Tense: First I started with some overlapping text that stated “We’re all just waiting” repeated over and over until I covered …
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Typography Project 2: Words

After gaining a new appreciation of letter forms in Project 1, I have learned that letter forms are not created mathematically, but rather they were made to maintain visual consistency with the other letters within the letter form as well as come together as a glyph system to differentiate from other glyph systems. In this …
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Form & Concept: Gestalt Principles

For this project, I was tasked to create twelve images. Two images for each of the following Gestalt Principles: Figure/Ground, Equilibrium, Similarity, Closure, Proximity, and Continuation. Gestalt is a school of psychology founded in the 1920s that deals with the mind’s self-organizing tendencies. The basic premise of gestalt (German for “essence or shape of an …
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