Typography Project 6: Font

Summary This is a two-part project, the first part is to develop a typeface, and the second part is to apply that type face to a poster. For part one, we were tasked to develop a modular typeface that is visually striking, legible, and embodies both clear distinctions between individual forms and consistent visual relationships. …
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Typography Project 5: System

About the Project The objective of this project was to build on my knowledge an practice in selecting type, applying typographic treatments, developing typographic hierarchy, and expressing ideas visually. I used these concepts in this project to organize and design the content of a book. My Process Using Project Gutenberg, I was tasked with selecting …
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Typography Project 4: Typography

About This Project: This project’s objective was to build on my knowledge of using type, typographic treatment and semantics to express ideas in order to create a table of contents and title page focused on the ideas of information hierarchy and the logical organization of information. In this first part of this project, I created …
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Typography Project 3: Sentences

About the Project In this project, I built on my knowledge of letterforms and letter spacing in order to organize and express the ideas which the following quote conveys by using variations of of type, type style, and typographic structure: “Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t …
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Typography Project 2: Words

After gaining a new appreciation of letter forms in Project 1, I have learned that letter forms are not created mathematically, but rather they were made to maintain visual consistency with the other letters within the letter form as well as come together as a glyph system to differentiate from other glyph systems. In this …
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