The Beaverdale Neighborhood is known for its traditional-style brick homes, family-friendly atmosphere, and access to recreational activities such as parks and trails. Historically, Beaverdale was originally considered the rural side of Des Moines as it consisted of farms and orchards. Beaver Avenue, the main street that runs through the neighborhood originated as a stagecoach highway before the Civil War. It was renamed Beaver Avenue in 1903 (originally it was named Fort Dodge Stage Road). Residential development began around 1907 with aims of adding churches, schools, and new roads.

According to the Beaverdale Neighborhood Association’s website, the neighborhood includes 50 acres of parks including three city parks, Ashby, Beaverdale, and Witmer.

Beaverdale holds onto its traditional farming background with their weekly farmer’s market and maintains the family-friendly nature with the neighborhood ice cream shop, Snookies, and activities such as the Beaverdale Fall Festival and Parade.

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