This poem was written and storyboarded by Jazzy, a resident at Prairieview. The poem’s intent was to capture the essence of being in nature, in Jazzy’s own meaningful way. With the help of Film Production Intern Cassandra Bauer and Jazzy’s instructor Scott Swanson, In A New Voice launched its very first round of motion poems.

Poem Manuscript:

“I’m here to share my secret.

Be quiet and you shall see.

All the things floating around me will fill your heart with glee.

It will take your breath away and drop your jaw so low, for…

I’ve traveled from here to there and brought back an amazing glow.

You think you know me oh so well But you’re only at the start. I’ve traveled past the comets and been burned by the hearts of stars.

I’ve traveled to the planets and seen their awful scars

I’ve made my way through supernovas and been spat out just as hard.

I’ve seen so many planets with mountains high and chasms deep Galaxies so beautiful they make a giant weep.

I’m the one to wake the planets and send the moon to sleep.

I’ve seen the sun’s great power, with an attitude so rare;

Don’t underestimate the sun for she might give you her ugly glare.

Be careful where you travel, don’t go so far.

Make sure to be safe and always remember who you are.

Don’t tell me that you know me.

That, “right here is what you are.”

I am the universe in motion.

I was born by the stars.”