This poem was written and storyboarded by Julia S., a resident at Prairieview. The poem’s intent was to capture the essence of being in nature, in Julia’s own meaningful way. With the help of Film Production Intern Cassandra Bauer and Julia’s instructor Scott Swanson, In A New Voice launched its very first round of motion poems.

Poem Manuscript:

“I Am A Snail” by Julia S.

I am a snail slowly making its way home,

Everything is slow but yet seems fast,

There are so many things I can see,

I want to tell the tale of one hundred snails,

I want to see the life of many humans and trees, of everything there will ever be,

But I cannot if there are no more trees,

Without trees, I have nowhere to go,

I search near and far,

From the mossy tree bark to the split tree,

For what I see these trees will no longer be,

For me I will have nothing to see,

I will no longer see moss, bark, and animals such as birds,

And nothing to breathe,

For snails and humans need trees.