This video was made possible thanks to the help of our Artist in Residence, Chris Lutter, our Artist in Residence Intern, Kat King, and all the wonderful people involved in the Artist in Residence programming. This video’s aim is to help destigmatize mental health issues and all that subject surrounds. Northwest Passage may be dealing with kids with real problems, but it doesn’t mean they don’t know how to smile, laugh, play, or have fun. All credit for the song goes to Michael Franti, who wrote the song. However, this cover utilizes rearranged music and lyrics in order to better fit our programming. To learn more about Michael Franti, click here.

“Hope. Northwest Passage offers hope to those who have been unable to find it elsewhere. When our clients are able to look inward and find a spark of hope, they often find the greatest pieces of inner strength. Our programs are designed to help children and teens who have felt their lives spin out of control. We want to see our clients emerge from therapy with a regained sense of balance and self-worth. Our staff works with clients to help them use individual achievement as a springboard to future happiness and success.” -Northwest Passage LTD

Furthermore, if you would like to participate in discussion or comment here. To learn more information regarding Chris Lutter and Kat King’s involvement in Northwest Passage’s Therapeutic Art Program visit the link below:

Therapeutic Art Program Helps Reshape Youths’ Futures

August, 15 2017 || Outside, the world is lushly green, it’s pouring rain, and the tune “Here Comes the Sun” floats through the room. There’s a low murmur of voices: nine girls are engaged in shaping animal figures out of clay or drawing fish figures on cardboard. Occasionally there’s laughter at a comment from the instructor’s baritone. You can feel it’s a happy place… [Read more]